Listography - Things I'd change about myself

The listography just hit my Twitter feed at the same time as I was updating my blog, so I just had to give it a go this week! Thank you Kate of Kate Takes 5 that was serendipity at its best!

The theme is 'Things I'd change about myself' and instructions seem to suggest it can't be physical things but characteristics. Goodness, that would have taken me an age to whittle the list down to just 5 if it was physical! 

This should be easy, so will just crack on and bash them out in no particular order of preference

1 - Bossiness. I know, its a biggy, but I can't help myself. I have been like it since I was very little and a characteristic I have passed onto my daughter (sorry Amy!) It stems from wanting to help, and of course my way to do things is the best way, which then comes out as being a bossy boots.

2 - TV junky, I love watching TV. I don't watch just anything, it has to be something I enjoy and can become engrossed in, but I feel bereft if there is nothing on the box to watch. And when a series comes to end, its almost a sense of panic to get something else to replace it! Its the main pastime me and MrC can share (because he can't get around or out and about very much anymore) but its become my guilty pleasure. Am sure I shouldn't enjoy it as much as I do!

3 - Being untidy, oh I so wish I could have more self control and put things away at the time! Sometimes I just can't be bothered and then get stressed when the place is a mess and rush around like a devil possessed putting it right. I'm sure if I did a little bit at a time, it would make life easier!

4 - Having to be on time all the time. I cannot bear to be late for anything, my Dad drove it into us that it was the height of bad manners to be late for appointments or meeting people. It drives me into a panic if I think I won't get to somewhere at the time I promised, even when it doesn't really matter. This sense of impending doom, leads me to leave plenty of time to get places (sometimes as much as an hour) which for me is fine, but for others can send them round the bend. 

5 - The need for at least eight hours sleep to cope. Oh, how I would love to be like some people who can function and even prosper on little sleep. How much would I be able to fit into my day, if only I had more time? (think of all that extra TV???! ) If I don't get enough sleep, it makes me ratty and irritable, which drives my loved ones to distraction and even irritate's me! I could stay up later with MrC and get up early in the morning full of the joys of spring!

I can't believe I have just bared all like that! I must be mad! Now to balance things up, please share the things you would you change about I don't feel so bad about mine!  

And if that wets your appetite, why not pop over to Kate Takes 5 and see what other things people have confessed to wanting to change!


  1. Bossiness was almost on my list but I wasn't as brave as you. Alas, I think I have passed this trait onto my girls too. Like you, I'm just trying to help but Mr. H thinks I'm being a control freak.

  2. Bossiness could be on my extended list - does this not just go hand in hand with being a mum though?! x

  3. Hmm I think I just deleted my own comment...Anyway I'm like that on the lateness front - but I'd put that as a positive not a negative! Lovely list thanks Fay. x

  4. I am also another bossy boots!! Nice to find your blog, am off to read more!


    S.A.M xx

  5. I really should have bossiness on my list too! There wasn't enough room for everything I'd change.

  6. Nothing wrong with being bossy, Fay. If people/kids/whoever weren't so frustrating, then we wouldn't have to boss them around. It's a corking list

  7. Thanks for all the comments! I think most people see themselves as bossy too, so maybe I shouldn't be too ashamed!

  8. Yep - bossy untidy and sleepy sounds like me too. I'm the opposite with getting to places early. I like to be there just by the skin of my teeth. I hate being early and having to wait for something to start.

  9. Hi FayC, that's a nice, honest list. So relate to the guilty pleasure of TV and the disappointment when nothing is on! At least you are bossy because you care rather than because you have to be right :)

  10. Gosh all these things apply to me too, though I don't think being bossy has done me much harm apart from causing other people to grumble sometimes.

    Having said that, my list ended up being different than yours, because I deliberately didn't read other lists before I wrote mine.