Meal Planning Monday w/c 22nd August

Last week was busy and reasonably successful from a meal planning perspective. The only things which didn't get cooked was the prawn paella (because my family were too lazy to cook it) and the burger and chips (because I was!) But hey, no loss as the prawns and mince are in the freezer and the vegetables have been used elsewhere!

The promised spinach and button mushroom cannelloni recipe is available on the blog! Just click the hyperlink. MrC asked if we could have a meat version this week, so am happy to oblige!

My weight has stayed stable, which is a huge result considering what I ate when on a business trip (a mixture of leaving the office very late, tiredness and emotions led to poor room service choice) so am pleased (see that, glass half full thinking)

Onto this week's plan and I was fortunate to win two new recipe books from Slimming World, after a letter I submitted was used on their website. So have five meals to try this week, although three are lunches. As always they are Slimming World friendly and I'm following the extra easy plan

In no particular order, just as time and my fancy takes me, we will be having:-

Meatloaf, potatoes and vegetables (Syn free and a new recipe from Extra Easy Summer Days)
Cannelloni and green salad (Syn free if using cheese as your HE)
Homemade tomato soup and slimming world chips (syn free)
Minced beef hash (syn free)
Baked potato, beans and cheese (Syn free if using cheese as your HE)
I'm away two nights so the family will have to fend for themselves!

I'm planning the following new recipe lunches, from Extra Easy Summer Days
Creamy Pesto with vegetable crudites (Syn free)
Fruity Coleslaw (1 Syn)
Summer Mackerel Salad (half a Syn)

It's going to be a proper foody week, just hope I can be organised enough to prepare enough in advance so it doesn't become a chore

Will let you know how I get on with the new recipes and if I'm happy with them I will share them. Don't forget to go and take a look over At Home with Mrs M for more food inspiration. Oh and leave a comment if you like the look of something or offer suggestions for next week!

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