Meal Planning Monday w/c 8th August

Have been super organised this week, as not only have I planned my meals, but have also already completed the Internet shop for it! I wasn't a fan of Internet food shopping, but needs must as they say when I was recuperating. When I was well enough to go myself I was there like a shot!

However, now I am back at work, and in the swing of things, I've started to resent the time it takes away from doing stuff I really enjoy, so Tesco Internet shop it is! (and if I can get it delivered when I'm at work, so someone else puts it away, even better!)

Last week's planner was a hit, and I managed to lose 2 lbs! (Go Slimming World!) but I was conscious it was the same old dishes. So this week I am trying out two new ones!

In any old order:-

Spinach and mushroom cannelloni (Syn Free and a new one for me!)
Cherry tomato and basil stuffed red peppers with rice
Pasta coponata with celery, pepper and aubergine (Syn Free and a new recipe for me!)
Burger and slimming world chips
Sausages, mash and beans
Roast pork with all the trimmings
Plus a day out to dinner as my son is 18!

I think I have shaken it up a bit with a good mix of old and new! Fingers crossed for a loss, but will settle for staying the same as my son's dinner will involved a few alcoholic drinks as he celebrates being able to drink legally (for a change!)  

Don't forget to check out At Home with Mrs M for more wonderful meal planners, but also let me know what you think of mine by leaving a comment and letting me know which meal you'd fancy having!


  1. Oh your week sounds really good. Well done on being organised too.

    The cannelloni and the stuffed peppers both sound great. Will have to look out for recipes for those.

  2. If you would like th recipe and it works out ok, I will blog it!

  3. Mmmm, I agree that the cannelloni and peppers sound fabulous!