Food Diary Monday 9th May

Had a very bad night last night, as in I didn't sleep at all!!!! What is that all about??!

So ate loads, and when I say loads, it included:-
  • A piece of fruit cake
  • Two pieces of sticky toffee cake
  • One packet of ryvita sweet chili minis
  • A whole tin of peaches
I tried, but failed!

So, starting fresh, today has been

Breakfast - A bacon sandwich
Two slices of wholemeal bread - my healthy extra for today
Four slices of grilled lean bacon

OMG, it was delicious and just what I needed, some comfort food!
Lunch - Lemon and chili couscous salad
Couscous, seasoned with salt and pepper, chili and lemon
Carrots, cucumber and tomatoes finely chopped and spooned through the couscous
Added to a bed of green leaves
Tasty, tangy and quick to prepare

Dinner - Fish, slimming world chips and mushy peas
White fish, baked in the oven
The rest, exactly as described

Strawberries and cherries with Muller Light Vanilla Yogurt

1 comment:

  1. When you say slimming world chips, were they just baked in the oven? That's how I normally do chips at home, little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper. Crushed Chillies work a treat on them too if you want a bit of spice! :)

    Couscous is something I only just tried about a month ago. It was lovely and you've reminded me I need to dream up another reason to eat it!