Meal Planning Monday - 16th May

Again a first for me! Not putting a weekly menu together, but blogging and linking it to At Home With Mrs M and Meal Planning Monday's

I've always planned my meals, if I didn't, we wouldn't get fed! But as I am now trying to lose weight and am following the Slimming World plan, having a weekly menu is a must! I'm not having a very good time with the weight loss at the moment, so am hoping by blogging, it will make things more real.

So this week we are having:-

Monday - Stir fry chicken, vegetables and rice
Tuesday - Pasta Bolognaise and salad
Wednesday - Jacket potato, Peri Peri chicken and stuffed tomato's
Thursday - Shepherds pie with baton potato topping and vegetables
Friday - Baked Haddock with stuffed pasta, cheesy pasta, baked garlic mushroom and veg
Saturday - Homemade Burger, Slimming World Wedges and tomato salsa
Sunday - Slow cooker beef and tomato casserole with vegetable garlic couscous

I may decide to move meals around a bit when we actually come to it, but this is the plan. It's not very inspirational this week, but I am trying to use stuff already in my freezer!

For breakfasts, I'm planning on having something like, omelette's, baked mushrooms on toast, scrambled eggs on toast or weatabix and fruit.

Lunches will be mostly salads with pasta, rice or couscous. I tend to go with the flow and just create something with whatever is in the fridge or left over from dinner. But I always have quite a large lunch to keep me going through the day and stop the snacking. If I do snack, I will be making my own humous dip for vegetables!

Wish me luck with my weight loss! 3 stones so far and counting! And don't forget to check out At Home with Mrs M!


  1. I started Meal Planning when I was doing the Rosemary Conley diet, and it helped me no end. All the best with SW :)

  2. Thanks for joining in, love the sound of your menu!