It's all in the numbers.....

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Nearly 4 months ago in January I had a shock, a wake up call if you like, my first wake up call of 2011

I sat in the doctor surgery and was told the heavy periods I was experiencing was probably brought on by my weight. It was the first time a doctor had said that to me, my weight was affecting my health. Up until then, although I was very over weight, I was medically fit. Blood pressure was fine, cholesterol was fine, I didn't have diabetes, my joints were holding up, it wasn't stopping me from doing anything I wanted to do. So why change?

But that day, it was the wake up call I needed and decided to do something about it. Within 3 days I had signed up to complete St Lukes Hospice 13 mile Midnight Walk and joined Slimming World, working on changing my diet & lifestyle forever. And while I worked on changing my lifestyle I went for tests and procedures and in March had a hysteroscopy with a procedure called Novasure. 1 week off work and I was back and well on my way to getting fit and continuing to lose the weight. What I didn't know what that the minor operation had probably saved me, early stage uterine cancer was diagnosed and a hysterectomy performed.

Fast forward to today, I am only post 7 weeks since the hysterectomy why am I worrying and mithering about losing weight and a sponsored walk? I should just be concentrating on recuperating. I'm mithering because I said I would do it before I was diagnosed and I am not going to let a silly thing like a life changing event, plus major surgery get in the way!

So where am I so far? Well, I'm still fat, just less so than I was in January! I am following the Slimming World plan and using the online subscription which was so fortuitous when I was diagnosed! (no excuse for not attending class, its only every a click away!)

My weight loss as of 22nd May

They have lots of brilliant online tools which help you see what you have achieved so far.

I have lost 43 pounds! That's nearly 9 bags of sugar!

My loss on a graph looks like this (notice the wobble's)

Another good figure? I've dropped 3 dress sizes! Yesterday I went clothes shopping and could fit comfortably into a size 18 pair of jeans! I could not wipe the grin off my face! I'm no skinny minny (not by a long chalk) but my clothes are telling me I'm on my way.

There is also something on Slimming World called Body Magic where you are encouraged to get moving and see the distance travelled on a graphic.

I've reset my goal and this week chose to walk London to Brighton...but I'm still inside the M25! (maybe the next challenge should be Lands End to John O'Groats)

I've got such a long way to go, but I've already achieved so much already. So rather than dwell on the fact that on the 30th of July I am planning on walking 13 miles when at the moment I struggle to do 2, I'm going to break it down into smaller goals.

So by this time next week, I aim to have lost 2lbs and walked 10 miles to the M25!!

If you are would like to sponsor me (and not feel guilty when I build up the pressure nearer the date!) click here to go over to my Just Giving page

43 lbs or 8 and a bit bags of sugar I am no longer carrying around!


  1. You're so refreshingly honest Fay, it's inspiring.

  2. Fay im sure a bag of sugar weights 2.2lb? if this is correct you have lost 21 bags?

    Sarah x

  3. You are so inspirational and your blog posts are joy to read. I am trying to keep to a healthy food regime and you have just stopped me from nipping downstairs to steal my daughters digestives : )