Girly Diaries Sunday 8th of May

So today has been a typical day for me. I did go out with Mum and Dad for a walk around Devils point. It was lovely and sunny although very windy!!!

Got talking to a woman walking her dog who said there had been a pod of dolphins in the Sound, but thinks they were probably scared away by the motorboat racing which was beginning then.

Back to theirs for lunch, and then spent the afternoon watching TV with Mr C. At the moment I can't sleep, don't know why, but its probably the HRT as I've been taking it over a week. So glad I'm not at work!

But when I say today is a typical day, I don't really have one. One day is running into another at the moment and I am someone who thrives on routine.

There is only one thing for it, I'm going to have to make my own!

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