Listography - Products You Couldn't Live Without

Last week it was 'Bad Combinations', this week its 'Products You Couldn't Live Without' Kate Takes 5 has thrown down the gauntlet. I enjoyed last time so much, I thought I would give it another go!

The idea is to list five things in the chosen theme and the reason why. Take a look at Kate Takes 5 for her list, and while your there browse the rest of her blog.

But back to task, here are mine (in no particular order)

1. Pizza Cutter
Although pizza isn't on my menu at the moment (am trying to lose weight) I do love a good takeaway. But even more so, to make my own. Have you ever tried cutting a pizza with a knife? Its not a good look. The topping comes off and spreads its way all up the knife, spoiling all your hard work. Its a genius product and one every kitchen of worth should have!

2. Ball Point Pen
I have a dreadful habit of losing pens, so the fact the ball point pen is such a throw away commodity is a big plus for me! I have a couple of expensive pens 'somewhere in the house' They have been lost for at least six months and will turn up (Don't tell MrC, as he bought them for me) and I'm the same most writing implements, but at least I don't have the stress of worrying where they are and trying to find them again!

3. Debit Card
Running joke in our family: I am like the Queen, I never carry cash! Don't know why, I think as soon as I get it out of the hole in the wall I spend it! So if I didn't have a debit card, I'd be lost and wouldn't be able to buy anything....ummm hold on, isn't that a bonus?!

4. Retractable Lead
I have a wonderful German Shepherd dog called Fritz, (pic on this link) who I love dearly. He is wonderfully sweet natured, if somewhat noisy at times. He makes me laugh, when sometimes I want to cry. He loves to play with his ball and toys all the time if you let him, and I absolutely adore him. But....he is a pain in the arse to walk! You can imagine the size of him and he doesn't mean to be naughty, but he's just so enthusiastic when we go out, that my arms are about 2 foot longer at the end of the walk. My life saver is the retractable lead. It allows me control when needed, but him freedom to walk ahead and not pull my arms out of their sockets. A win win solution!

5. My Library Card
I ummed and ahh'd over this one, was it really a product, but then thought what the hell! This wonderful card allows me to borrow any book I want from my library for three weeks at a time. As I love to read, and I read almost anything, it gives me access to a wide range of books my debit card wouldn't be able to procure for me! And if I don't enjoy it, it goes back and I haven't lost anything. Libraries are somewhere I love and I know with the state of the economy its a resource we may lose in the future.

So What Product Couldn't You Live Without? Leave a comment and take a look at Kate's and see whats on other people's Take 5


  1. I identify with your satisfaction of using a pizza cutter. They are a gift from the heavens!

  2. Your list made me smile, especially the debit card!!

  3. What a good list. You debit card entry in inspired! Thanks for joining in again. x

  4. So true about never carrying cash, the card is always handy. Good list didn't realise how often I use the pizza cutter until you had mentioned it or my library card although that has sadly been neglected lately due to trying to find work.

  5. Loving your list! I never carry cash either! Its a bit of a pain when you need to pay for parking though :-)

  6. I am the same with my debit card, I never have cash. When I do it burns a hole in my purse or I forget all about it, mostly it is nicked by my husband when after some change. I have got myself in a mess though by not having cash x