Meal Planning Monday - 23rd May

Firstly I want to thank Mrs M ! Last week was my first Meal Planning Monday post. I'd been finding it difficult to keep the Slimming World diet plan (Even though I've already lost 3 stone!) so was hoping it would keep me on track. And it did, I lost 4lb. Thank you!

I definitely didn't cook what I said I was on each day, so this week I'm not going to list per day (lesson learnt and all that!) Check out last week's post to see what the meals actually looked like!

Here you go!

Gammon, Slimming World chips, pineapple and peas
Cottage pie (but with potato chip topping) and vegetables
Pasta Bolognaise and salad (frozen left overs from last week)
Butter Chicken (I've never cooked it before but its a Slimming World Recipe so should be lovely)
Hot Dogs, caramelised onions and Peri Peri potato wedges. (Am going to give the tomato salsa a go as it didn't get made last week!)
Roast Chicken, roast potato, parsnip and carrot swede mash
Plus I'm out for dinner one night (the boys will have to fend for themselves!)

Breakfasts will be omelette's or beans, tomato or mushrooms on toast

Lunches will be leftovers from the evening before with salads or couscous. Plenty of fruit and fat free flavoured yogurt as well. Worked really well last week! Wasn't hungry once!

All recipes follow the Extra Easy plan on Slimming World, with as few syns used as possible (so if I do want some chocolate I can!)

Don't forget to check out Mrs M's planner for more inspiration


  1. I love your dedication to meal planning. Personally, I would rather slit my own throat than go on a diet, but I admire your strategising. I spend a good part of my weekend chopping and marinating so I've got a week's-worth of dinners in the fridge for both the kids and the Successful Other Half when she gets in from her toil. Tonight's its chicken kievs, but with a cheesy middle instead of garlic butter. It's not exactly Slimming World fayre, but she barely has time for lunch so she needs something nice to look forward to when she gets in.

  2. OMG and WOW and all the other words I could possibly use here! You've lost three stone?! You're amazing! Well done that is incredible dedication and determination.

    I can see how meal planning would really help in weight loss, but it helps in so many other was as well--such as keeping watch on the budget. I try to meal plan at least four days in advance. We have such a funny family schedule that four days is about all i can cope with.

    Looks like a tasty week ahead for you.

  3. Oooh butter chicken, that sounds lovely - will you blog the recipe if it's a good one please?

    That definitely looks like a good week's planning.

  4. Hi Pen, the recipe was to die for!
    Here you go as requested

  5. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, it is appreciated! Still got a long way to go though, so no resting on my less large backside for me!

  6. I'm glad you are finding meal planning helpful!

    Butter chicken sounds lovely, well it all does! Perhaps proving that diet food doesn't have to be boring!

    Thanks for joining in!