Bad Combinations

I'm new to this blogging lark and love reading other people's. My imagination was fired when I read Kate Takes 5 and thought I would give the listography challenge a go.

The theme is 'bad combinations', take a look back at Kate's for hers, which made be laugh!  Here are mine

Telephone conversation with my sister/my niece and nephew
My mum and I can't have a phone call with my sister, who lives 300 miles away, without interruptions from the kids. It's become a standing joke! At least three times on average we will hear 'Kenzie/Penny! Can you not see Mummy is on the phone!?'

Antiques Roadshow/Dirty finger nails
Why do some of the presenters have dirty fingernails when they know there will be close up shots!? It turns my stomach Yuk!

Bored teenagers/EmptyB&Q car park/Shopping Trolley's
Need I say more!

Sunny days/Revision
Both of my kids are taking important exams this year (University Finals and A Levels) Plus my sister is taking a degree. So I know that revision and the recent run of nice weather haven't been a great combination

Freshly Washed Floor/Downpour/Dog
Guaranteed as soon as the floors have been washed, it will rain and the dog will want to go out for a pee and you almost have to start again. I say almost, my theory is it was clean for 10 minutes, it will be fine until next time! I have heard 'legends' where dogs have been taught to wipe their own feet on the mat. We've tried with Fritz, he's not having it!

Now over to you! What are your bad combinations? Leave me a comment and let me know and don't forget to read some of the other entries which are shown at the bottom of Kate's


  1. Thank you for joining in! Love your last one. And what is it with sunshine and exams?!

  2. Hi Fay, thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your bad combinations, especially the last one. I'm still trying to persuade my two cats to wipe their feet, mind you, the children don't seem to be able to manage it......

  3. The B&Q car park sounds like fun!

  4. Loved the dog/floor issue. Happens here too. Or the kids take off there shoes which are filled with sand and other random dirt type stuff.

  5. @Wylye GirlWe will never win that war, so no point starting the battle!

  6. lol I know what you mean about dirty fingernails. The close ups seem to magnify the dirt.