Don't wait... just do it!

We all have things that we do every day without thinking about them. Getting up in the morning and putting the kettle on for that first cup of tea or going round the house locking up before climbing up to bed. If someone were to ask us to list every detail of the day, it would be these things which we know we do, but can't recall them exactly.

I drive to work and take one route on the way into the office and another on the way home, 'to beat the traffic' (I know deep down I'm not beating the traffic, takes just as long either route, but it makes me feel better!) I don't notice the details, its humdrum and routine. But sometimes something will stick out, and a blossom tree on the side of busy main road in Plymouth last year stood out for me.

I remember 'really seeing' it for the first time, with its beautiful white blossoms just starting to appear and thinking how beautiful it looked. As the week progressed, the blossoms grew larger and started to weigh down the small branches. I noticed the way the trunk was slightly twisted and knarled. I remember distinctly thinking one evening it would make a beautiful photo, the blossoms stood out against the deep blue evening sky. I promised myself one evening on the way home, to do just that.

The next time I drove past, I was running a little late, so thought I would do it on Monday, I had plenty of time. The weekend ended, but I was travelling away for work that week and wouldn't be back for a few days; it went clean out of my head. By the time I finally remembered, the blossoms, as they always do, had started to fall and they didn't look as pretty as they did. I was out of luck, but it was ok, I had next year.

So this year, I kept an eye on the tree and again was looking for the 'perfect day' to take the photo. But for me, time ran out again but for a different reason. Friday was my last day at work, I'm having a total hysterectomy to treat uterine cancer, so driving (in fact going out at all!) will be out for me for a while.

I was given the news two and half weeks ago, and I've been watching that tree for the perfect shot. Its become a mission, a thing on my pre treatment to do list. My last day at work, and it was raining, but yesterday I made a point of going back to the spot and taking the shot. I wasn't going to let another year pass.

If you want to do something, just do it; don't think I'll do it tomorrow or next week or even next year because something will either get in the way or we run out of time.

The weather wasn't quite what I wanted, there were a lot of cars flashing past, but I got my shot

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  1. Such a beautiful tree - I can see what you mean about it. How lovely to have a photo of it, if it was me I would print out a copy and frame it. Hope everything goes ok with your operation, I am thinking of you (I am a good friend of your sister's) lots of love Sharon x x

  2. Loving your blog Fay. I know it will inspire many different people in many different ways.
    The blossom tree is lovely - just like you!
    We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow and keeping you updated with all the gossip during your recovery time.
    Hugs, Lisa & TTP x