adjective, -er, -est, noun
involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthly or uncanny: a weird sound; weird lights.
fantastic; bizarre: a weird getup.
Archaic . concerned with or controlling fate or destiny.

That's how I feel about today

It was my last day at work for a while. Three months recuperating. Today was about finishing off the last small jobs, like expenses and mileage and sorting out Outlook.

It was about saying goodbye to people and figuring what to put on the Out of Office (I didn't think 'I'm away at the moment having surgery for cancer, so can't respond to your e-mail straight away' was actually going to cut it!)

But the only thing I can think of to describe how I feel is 'weird'

I move closer to the operation date, and its starting to feel more real, but at least soon it will be done and I get on the with the next stage.....healing.

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  1. Loving your blogs Fay! Thanks for sharing! We're all thinking of you and here for you! Ennis x