Day 3 and counting

Today is the third day after surgery...and I'm doing ok!

Surprised myself and managed to tweet the day after, how though I have no idea, as I couldn't actually see straight!

I'm doing everything I should do, when I should be doing it and feel ok. I'm not saying its all been plain sailing though.

Wednesday I had a period of overwhelming anxiousness and agitation. I didn't know why and couldn't explain it. I just had to go with the flow, cry and let it pass. (but bloody hell, even sodding crying hurts!)

And yesterday, after telling my mum I was doing 'alright' (which was tempting fate) I had to do some walking, which seemed to be totally beyond me. Waves of dizziness and then a lot of pain, put paid to my making it to the end of the corridor.

Had another go earlier, with the same result, but made it a little further this time.

I think I have to experience the lows, so I can appreciate how most of the time I feel better than I could ever have imagined

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