One e-mail and my expectations were exceeded

Even before my surprise cancer diagnosis I'd already decided to lose weight. I've been overweight most of my adult life, but knew things needed to change.

I chose Slimming World following a recommendation from a friend, but decided to use the online subscription. I had a feeling if I missed a class I would never go back (it's happened before!)

The Slimming World Website is packed full of inspirational pieces, recipes, hints and tips, plus its easy to use! And for me its worked! I've lost nearly three stone since I started in January (I'm not looking at the target weight purple line, which by the way, I set, not Slimming World. I will get there!)

I can feel there is a slim and healthy person fighting to get out and am already imagining the clothes I will be able to wear and how I will feel. I've blogged about control or lack of it and had decided I was going to continue with the weight loss while I recuperated.

I also had a Cunning Plan and thought I had done everything I could, but things have been difficult. Mr C and teenage son have tried with mixed results, but they have found the cooking say the least. Plus I've eaten more chocolate than I should have, whoops!

I did however decide I needed some help, so e-mailed Slimming World online support asking for advice on what I could do. I expected an e-mail pointing me to the relevant place on the website. But I got extra back!

Less than two hours after hitting the send button, I got a phone call from Helen at Slimming World. We had a chat about things and she gave me some tips and tricks. She also said normally they would suggest temporarily suspending my membership but as that wasn't what I wanted, she recommended some books I might find useful. And then the best bit....she put them in the post to me! I got them the next morning.

I've gotten inspired all over again with the 100 Extra Easy Days and have added to the shopping list from the Free Branded Foods for easy menu planning! Mr C and son are studying the Extra Easy Meals in Minutes as I type. They were the right books for me at the right time.

So well done Slimming World for not only having an eating plan which works, but also have wonderful people like Helen who know just how to go the extra mile.

I'm now a motivated recuperating slimmer well on my way to reaching my target!

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  1. Good luck and well done on your weight loss so far, what an achievement! I've never got on very well with any of them other than Rosemary Conley, which is simple enough for my tiny mind! x