A couple of my handy tips

I didn't have much time to prepare for my operation, but did some reading and bought a book 101 Tips for a Happy Hysterectomy. If you read back to a previous blog I did find 'most' of it useful. I have however discovered some things they don't tell you about which I'd like to share (I apologise now for the toilet theme!)

1 - When you think you maybe need to visit the loo, don't wait! Go straight away! It's gonna take longer than you think to get off the sofa or out of bed, walk to the loo and gingerly lower yourself to 'perform.' I learnt this the hard way! Oh, and when you are sat down and finished, don't forget to pull your knickers up at least half way before getting up from the loo. Its a long way down otherwise and as I can't put my own socks on yet....well you get the picture.

2 - I haven't got a solution for this one yet, but have you ever tried to wipe your bum without bending/stretching or using your stomach muscles???
I'm not ashamed to say I Googled it, with no help! Watching QI the other night someone (who I forget) was quoted as saying their best experience of bottom wiping was to use a goose's neck?! Don't think I have that option, do you?

3- My appetite is poor but to heal I need to eat good healthy food. I've found I've enjoyed meals more which have been prepared from scratch. I think this is because my appetite has been stimulated by the lovely cooking smells!

4 - Sleep...grab it when you can! I like to sleep on my side, but am finding this too painful and have had to make do with sleeping propped on my back. This means I only sleep in blocks of a couple of hours. I wake up when I would normally change position.

A couple of the tips are tongue in cheek, but the good thing is, I know they won't be a problem for long. I've only been home for three days, but can feel I'm improving and getting stronger already.

Had a little bit of drama on Sunday though, the day after I got home. I just didn't feel right. I had a high temperature and felt yucky. So rather than leave it, I decided to act straight away and went back to hospital for tests. Luckily it was a water infection and hopefully a 7 day course of antibiotics will see me well in no time!

So my last tip, is listen to your body and trust your instincts!

And the countdown begins for finding out if I will need further treatment. Only 2 to 3 weeks to wait and see if chemo is needed or if the operation will be enough to stop the spread.

Will cross that bridge when or if I have to!

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  1. Doing great, and some great advice for those who have to go through the same as you :) Hope you're feeling better after the antibiotics and that results are positive to mean that more treatment isn't needed *crosses fingers*