Creeps up and bites you....

I've been doing everything I should, when I should.

I've done my pelvic exercises and have walked around the house to improve my circulation. I've rested with my feet up and taken an afternoon nap. In fact, I think I'm doing really well and a model patient.

So the wave of pain which has crept up and bitten me is just so.....unfair!

It made me edgy and uncomfortable. I tried to relax and breathe through, but the pain just got worse, to the point I panicked and cried, I felt I was letting myself down.

This isn't the person I want to be. I want to be calm, I aim to be serene and in control and not controlled.

Codeine saved the day; 30 minutes and I'm back.

I need to learn to not beat myself up like this, I'm sure there will be more episodes like this to come ( I just hope not too many!!)


  1. I think the chocolate and D.I.Y SOS helped! :)

  2. Another 3 days have passed since you wrote this article, so I'm hoping that this message finds you feeling even stronger than before.

    I think that what you're doing is brilliant. You're looking after yourself both mentally and physically and I wish you the very best in your recovery x