Something I have never done

This is a novelty for me, I'm sat in a hotel lounge after finishing dinner, with my iPad writing this blog. So which bit is the novelty?

All of it! I've not stayed away for work for so long I'd forgotten the joys of mini soaps and tiny one cup kettles. When I'm away I rarely sit in the bar by myself and I've never used my iPad outside of the office, public transport or my house.

I decided to do something different and not sit in my hotel room, but eavesdrop and use the technology the way it was intended, portabley (or have I made that word up!?)

I'm out and about and away from home on a school night, because I am halfway through handing over part of my work tasks to another co-ordinator. Various feelings ranging from relief, trepidation and 'oh my god, this is finally happening' have been running through my head all day. Am feeling better that at least I know who will be doing what (my J again!) Have tried to work out the best way of doing things to make life easier (like printing up address labels so my post can be redirected & adding recurring tasks into the calendars to send out workbooks to name but a few!)

So I'm enjoying two days in an office which actually has people in it and a canteen! Different people to speak to is novelty, there are only about 15 regular office based staff in my home office, so the gossip is a little limiting to say the least! My office canteen equivalent is a vending machine which offers overpriced chocolate bars, crisps and cans of coke, which explode when opened because they've had to fall about three feet before you can get your sugar craved hands on them (a fizzy pop fountain, 3 feet high, is not unheard of and can be the highlight of an afternoon)

But even here the hospital are intruding into my life, they managed to track me down. I was booked for an x-ray last week which I turned up for but was told wasn't needed as 'we no longer do them routinely for general anaesthetics' However, I apparently do need one, but I can't find out why.

I can dwell on it and think the worst, or do my favourite pastime which is worry about it when I have to!

So I'm sat in a hotel lounge, drinking sparkling mineral water, blogging, listening in and not thinking about hospital tests I didn't think I needed.

Will let you know how I get on!

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