So the story so far......

Over Christmas I had a period from hell, it lasted nearly a month and this was the straw that broke MrC's proverbial back. He nagged me until I made an appointment to see our GP

Once there, very embarrassed I explained my systems and she recommended a referrel to a gynaecologist. She said they would probably fit something called a Mirena Coil.

I have private health care insurance so organised to see MrS who was lovely. He did offer the Mirena Coil but also another option which appealed to me as it meant I wouldn't be taking hormones. It's a procedure called Novasure I could have it under a general anaesthetic, an overnight stay and hopefully no more periods.

All booked in, and it went really well. After the op MrS came to see me and said he hadn't seen anything unusual, so to book an appointment to see him in three months. I went home and did as I was told and rested before going back to work the following week. However just 7 days after the procedure I was called back in because 'something had come back from the histology report'.

I had two agonising days to wait but there was no point worrying. I didn't have a clue what he was going to tell me. Stupidly I thought maybe he was going tell me I had an STI.... now how was I going to explain that to MrC or my mum who both offered to come with me!? I declined them both (I wouldn't have been able to look them in the eye again!) BTW Have no idea where I got that thought from, I'd not 'done' anything to catch one but that was the worst thing I could think of.

So when MrS told me they had found cancerous cells, I was surprised but stupidly relieved. 'Oh, its cancer, I can tell people about that...phew'

So he explained what was going to be happening and when, and off I toddled to break the news to my family.

And do you know what? All I kept thinking was how lucky I was. I wouldn't have been offered the hysteroscopy or Novasure procedure on the NHS as I am overweight. So they may not have found the cancer until things were much much worse. And this is what is keeping me going, the fact I am a very lucky woman!

Thanks goodness MrC nagged
Thank goodness I had private health insurance
Thank goodness I chose the operation option

So although I have cancer I am a very lucky person

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