A cunning plan

I had a plan for 2011

And that doesn't happen very often!

In my job I need to be organised and at home I am sure the loved ones I live would say I am bordering on the controlling! (What can I say, it’s the J in me from my MBTi profile) However I rarely have a long term goal of what I want to have achieved in say three years time (I don't even plan things for six months in the future!)

So, I was as surprised as the next person, when I actually planned and put into place some initiatives for 2011. I was unhappy in certain aspects of my life, personal and work, and decided to do something about it rather than complaining and dwelling.

Personally I finally decided to lose weight which in the process would get me fitter. I've been on various diets over the years, but have never really committed to them. But this time, when I joined Slimming World online, something felt different. I had a purpose, I was determined and could already visualise a thinner me. I've been really pleased with the weight I have lost so far (2 and half stones this year and counting)

But how on earth was I going to be able to stay on track with all this going on? If I wasn't cooking, it was going to be left to the two men in my life and I didn't think I was going to last long on fried egg sandwiches, pot noodles and take-aways. Let alone trying to educate them on the syn values of various things and how to Food Optimise

It would have been so easy for me to say sod it, and I'll go back to it when I have recovered. But why should I? A good healthy diet is even more important.

So I have hatched a little plan! I've bought two books, Extra Easy Cookbook and Family Feasts for under a Fiver, both Slimming World recipe books. They will be waiting for them when I come home and I'll be looking forward to the culinary delights they can cook up. Who says I need to put weight on while I am going through this?


  1. Too right! It would do both of them some good to learn to cook! Am really proud of you for doing so well! x

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me!