Girly Diary

I've always wanted to keep a diary. I wasn't one of those teenage girls who pored all their girly secrets out into their Dear Diary. I tried, but never kept it up. When I was in my twenties and tried again, I thought I would be good way to get all my feelings out of the way. But family life got in the way, I was always tired and there was never enough time. I even, for my 40th birthday, tried again! My mum bought me a lovely notebook with a matching pen....I lasted 3 weeks before it fell by the wayside, again. (Sorry Mum)

So what has changed this time? Well this time, I've got something to write about, something to focus on, something to maybe share. (and I'm trying a different medium!)

I was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus on Thursday 17th of March at 2pm

Things are going to be tough, but I'm a glass half full type of girl, so this is my way of dealing with it, and getting something out it into the bargain! That diary I always wanted!

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