Shopping List 2nd January

Thought I would write up my weekly shopping list to go with my Monday Meal Planner. Maybe something I do regularly but will have to see how that goes!
I try and be frugal with my groceries and use all the fresh things up through the week. However I do have a very bad habit of buying up a lot store cupboard stuff. I think this stems from my need to keep cupboards stocked for emergencies. I remember many years ago and before I married, I had a cash flow problem. I basically had no money to eat and had to eat out of the cupboard for a couple of weeks. I nearly starved! That will never happen to me again! 

Onto my list

Semi skimmed milk 12 pints (£3.48)
Full fat milk 12 pints (£3.48) We go through this much milk every week and I don't use it! It's all MrC in his coffee and James with his cereal!
Tinned marrow fat peas (£0.24)
Baked beans x 6 (£0.28 each)
Tinned tomatoes x 4 (£0.38 each)
Tinned sweetcorn (£0.48)
Tinned bean salad x 2 (£0.66 each)
Mushy peas (£0.17)
Green Lentils (tinned) (£0.54)
Decaf coffee (£2.49)
Coffee (£1.99) married to a coffeeholic
Parmesan cheese dried (£1.74)
Passata x 2 (£0.39 each)
Lean minced beef x 3 (3 for £10, one for the freezer!)
Cous cous (for the cupboard) (£0.69)
Minced garlic (£1.59)
Pasta - Conchiglioni Rigati 500g (Finest Range for the cupboard. A bit of a treat) (£1.57)
Nail polish remover (for MrC to remove paint from his lead figures...honest!) (£1.12)
Pasta 500g - more conchiglie but the regular stuff (£1.19)
Bulgar wheat (£0.89)
Bachelor's savoury rice (for emergencies) (£0.65)
Risotto rice (£1.12)
Hair conditioner (£2.15)
Loads of throw away freezer containers (for left overs)(£6.06)
Pack of crumbed ham (for the boys)(£1)
Cucumber (£0.80)
Celery (£0.83)
Mini peppers (not really needed but were on offer and look really cute!)(£1)
Organic sweet peppers (£1.50)
Pack of 3 peppers x 2 (I love them!) (£1.65 each)
Bag of mixed leaves x 2 (an extravagance but I need to eat more salad!) (£1 each)
Squash (I wanted pumpkin but they didn't have any. Already had a butternut squash in the fridge) (£1.50)
Packet of mushrooms (£1.18
Bag of small apples x 2 (I will take one to work with me for snacks) (£0.71 each)
Bag of parsnips (£0.88)
Punnet of cherry tomatoes (am going to make up a box of salad to keep in the fridge, sliced tomatoes go soggy!) (£1)
Pack of onions (£1.05)
Leek x 4 (£2)
Brown bread x 2 (£1.15 each)

Came to £69.19

I am sure if I were to shop around and get my vegetables from a grocer I could get things cheaper but for me its the convenience of getting everything in one place. It's hard enough to work full time, do all the housework and cook as much from scratch as possible without also stressing myself out shopping around. I am not super woman!
But anyway, what do you think?

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