Reasons to be Cheerful Week 4 #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Week 4 and the time of the week to look back on the great things which have happened, however on reflection its been a slog. My #brokenbum seems to be getting worse (or is it all in my mind) and there's a possibility I may have a problem with my gall bladder. Both conditions are painful and cause nausea, but looking on the brighter side of life, there's a lot worse things which could happen at sea!

So this is why I enjoy joining up with Michelle at Mummy from the Heart as it 'makes' me look back and find the nuggets. Which leads me onto my first reason:

I'm a winner! Thanks to Michelle I shall soon be the proud owner of my very own Silver Mai Tui Ava Style Bag! Very excited, I love handbags and bags in general and have a feeling this one is going to get a lot of use! Well done to all the winners, and another big thank you to Michelle for the opportunity to be in with a chance.

I spent the day on Tuesday at my company's yearly conference, which this year was themed around Britain's Got Talent. I really appreciate the time, effort and lets face it, the money my employer invests in events like this. It makes me feel proud to be part of the company. I got to spend a large portion of the day chatting to colleagues I haven't seen in person since the last conference or putting faces to voices/e-mails of new colleagues. So much time that I totally lost my voice on Wednesday. I'm sure if MrC were to join in Reasons to be Cheerful then this would have made his list!

My subscription to Slimming World was coming to end, and I've been undecided as whether I should renew or not. But when I got up this morning and weighed in, it just didn't feel right to not record and go and check the website out! So the decision has been made, to resubscribe for another year! And for my last reason this week, I've managed to lose another 1lb, which brings my total loss this year to 1 stone!

Long may the weight loss (no matter how slowly) continue!

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