Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC Week 2

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Wow, what a week! Been so busy, I've not know whether I have been coming or going. However at the same time its been a great one, for lots of reasons. 

Firstly, thank you so much to Michelle for recommending me on her post this week, very unexpected. I certainly don't feel I'm inspirational, I'm just trying to get through and enjoy my life with as little fuss and drama as possible. When things go wrong, which happens to us all, I turn things around to see the brighter side. I find once accepted, I can move on and deal with it better. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy to do, but ultimately I feel better for it. So my fight last year wasn't pleasant, but I've met some wonderful people because of it.

Onto my second great news, I've been awarded a liebster by @Funky_wellies I wasn't having the best evening when I read it, and it made my night! Really cheered my up, so thank you. I'm now thinking about my acceptance/thank you post!

The week has been busy because I spent 4 nights away working, which although hard for the diet (more on that shortly) meant I got to meet more of my wonderful colleagues. I work for a brilliant company, full of talented people and whenever I get out and about, they truly energise me. Our team meeting, the first this year, with lots of new people, felt so comfortable and like we'd been working together for months, not the first time we'd collectively met. The dinner at Tylney Hall was amazing, I think I will blog that another time! 

Which leads me onto the diet healthy eating plan!. Eating out technically isn't hard, there are a lot of healthy choices, however I can be easily led! Truth be known, I wasn't looking forward to it!  But this week, I kept at it, enjoyed what was on offer, ate well (as in healthily) but didn't feel hard done by. And it paid off with a 2.5 lb loss. That's 12 lb this year, how could I top that as a reason to be cheerful?

Well I can, with a trip into London on Monday, to have dinner with my daughter Amy. I spotted her through the crowd at Waterloo Station and it struck me how much she had changed in the short time she'd been there following the move in September. She looked confident as she strode through the concourse, dodging people as she went. Being small has it's advantages! She is just so happy and although its not a bed of roses, she's making choices and decisions to improve things. I'm proud of her and it was wonderful to see Amy in her own, new environment. My little girl, is now a woman! My job is now complete .......... (if you know what I mean!) She has her own blog Marvelous Adventures of a Devon Girl, go and take a look and see what you think.

Don't forget to check out Michelle's post and the other people who take the time to link up each week. 
And remember, it takes more energy to frown that it does to smile, plus it feels better!

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