Meal Planning Monday w/c 10th October
It's Monday so its meal planning with At Home With Mrs M, my chance to get sorted and start the week as I mean to go on, organised!

Last week's Singapore Vermicelli was delicious! And as promised the recipe can be found here. I didn't get to the sushi, but will very soon.

This week's plan comes to you courtesy (in part) to Amy, my 22 year old daughter who will be in charge of the house and James (my 18 year old son) while I'm away with MrC staying in a little cottage in deepest darkest Cornwall. We leave on Tuesday for 3 nights, so not too long for all hell to break loose (but you never know!)

So this weeks plan will be:-
Monday - Spinach Cannelloni (didn't get made last week!)
Tuesday - The biggest batch of chilli con carne and tiger bread (A proper student staple)
Wednesday - Left over chilli with rice (A student favourite)
Thursday - something which looks like bolognaise from the freezer (didn't know it was in there!)
Friday - Night out (Amy's leaving do!)
Saturday - Homemade burgers and chips
Sunday - No idea!!!

So planned but not very Slimming World. Amy's leaving do, to celebrate her getting a job in London will involve a lot of cocktails and Sunday will be a meal on the road followed by lots of tears as I drop her off somewhere in London to start the job on Monday.

So, I have a feeling the two pounds I lost this week (now just 1 pound shy of the elusive 4 stones) may be put back on! But hey ho, that's the way it goes and its not very often your daughter moves from home properly!

Check back next week to see how much I do actually put on! And don't forget to look at some other meal planners for inspiration!

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