Life Circle - Week 2

Life Circle

So here I am, week 2, giving Kate's Life Circle a go. Have a look here to see the background.

Last week's post had me looking at my Wheel of Life to identify areas which I felt need some work.

This week Kate has asked us to describe how we see our lives in five years, two years, one year and six months. I am not sure if my head is in the best place for this. I am on holiday this week and am just enjoying the moment. Am going to bash this out and see what happens, not too much thinking or editing, lets see what my brain comes up with!

Five Years
I am probably living where I am but the house is beautiful, clean and tidy! All the DIY jobs are done, every room is decorated and its easy to keep it that way, because the kids have moved out! It means we have two 'spare' rooms. One which I'm using as a hobby room/office and the other is a proper spare room, available for the kids to pop back or for friends to come and stay.

I have more time to do the things I want to do, rather than cleaning and tidying! So I'm spending time taking photo's and then using PhotoShop instead of getting MrC to do it for me.

I'm slim and feel healthy and full of energy. I'm doing a worthwhile job I enjoy and love getting up in the mornings to go into work. I am successful and feel fulfilled.

Time is what I have in abundance, time to do all the things I want to do without compromising on the things which have to be done.

Two Years
The house is clean and tidy and the last of the DIY projects have been completed. I am using the yearly bonus money to pay for someone to come in and finish the decorating.

Amy is loving it in London and has just moved into her own flat. James is just going into his second year at University and although the first year was a struggle he has found his focus and can see where he wants to be in life.

I'm going to evening classes to learn how to take great photo's and also how to use PhotoShop to enhance them. I have just been promoted and although things are hard at work, I am loving the extra responsibility. The money comes in handy too! I've reached my goal weight and my family are so proud of me.

One Year
Been a great year at work, and my new boss is pleased with the progress I have made and the changes and initiatives I've implemented. I am starting to look around for the next challenge at work.

James is off to University, so me and MrC have more time to ourselves. The house although not completed is getting there. I am busy but can see real progress in the goals I have set. I feel in control and my life has a purpose. My weight loss is steady and achievable and I feel fabulous

Six Months
It's March and my weight loss is finally going in the right direction. It isn't going up and down, its small regular losses each week and it is sustainable. Half a pound a week is how I want it to progress.

I'm working well with my new boss and she can see I have potential and is coaching me, something I have never had before. I'm learning new things all the time and not just through attending courses. I have volunteered for projects and come into contact with new people and new ways of doing things.

There is a clear plan in place for each of the DIY projects!

I have a plan of what I want to achieve and by when, it is written down and has bullet points and everything! So it must be real!!!!

I am taking control back and am being responsible for my future. I am saying where life is going to lead me and not the other way around.

Well, there you have it, my five year plan. Bit scary! And even though I have just banged it out, it seems to make sense.

What do you think?

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