Meal Planning Monday w/c 3rd of October
Another meal planner (the week goes so fast!) but this one was difficult to do. What on earth was the weather going to be doing over the next few days? Should I let that decide what I cook or just go like I normally do with what I fancy?

I went with what I fancy! Although I did let the family pick a couple of meals! 

Very disappointed with NO weight loss this week! Have been doing some thinking about why. I know I've each week had a day where I've eaten off plan for a meal. But I've done this other times before and been fine. Plus I upped my exercise, been going to the gym everyday, so maybe I've more muscle?? Either way going to have to get a plan in place soon to get that weight moving again. I seem to have been around this weight for weeks just moving up and down!

Onto my meal planner (this week is going to be a challenge because I am in London one day and Bristol another, so having to rely on the family doing some cooking)

In no particular order, but rather led by the complexity of cooking for when I'm not there I have planned:-

Meatballs and spaghetti (syn free)
Egg and slimming world chips (syn free)
Spinach and mushroom canelloni (syn free if you use the cheese as your healthy extra)
Cottage Pie and vegetables (syn free)
Roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables (syn free)
Homemade burger, wedges and chilli jam relish (syn free)
Singapore vermicelli (syn free)

The last dish on the list, singapore vermicelli is a first try from the Slimming World magazine July edition. Will let you know how we get on (Amy is cooking this one!) and if its a winner I'll blog it.

We're also giving sushi a go! I've been out and bought all the stuff for it, so Amy and I will have lots of fun (and maybe some swearing!!) Photo's may follow, depending on the results!

So there you go, the glass half full meal planner for this week. Don't forget to get over to At Home With Mrs M for some more inspiration

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