Reasons to be Cheerful week 24 #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

It's linking up time with Michelle from Mummy from the Heart for Reasons to be Cheerful.

I'm sure everyone knows already but I had the results from my first body scan and it came back as all clear. I celebrated with a post full of smiling animals which I know is silly, but it made me laugh when I compiled it.

This also meant I was eligible to take part in the drugs trial. I'm going to be having regular scans and bloods test, which means any instances of a recurrence will be found early. Got to be good!

I've started a new blog called My Clinical Trial ( to see me through things. Glass Half Full has helped me through a lot over the last 18 months. Am sure getting things out onto virtual paper will help with any side effects!

And today .....big drum roll..... MrC and I actually managed to get to the cinema. It's a rare event and it was good to get out together. It's not that we have ties like kids to keep us from going out, but just recently one or other of us have felt too poorly, we just couldn't sync up. But today was the day. Yay! Doesn't take much to cheer me up

I've still got a way to go to get my confidence back, but I can see that it won't be long now.

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