Meal Planning Monday w/c 25th June

I've got two pieces of news for you this week. Firstly meal planning is working for me, as I lost 3lbs last week and reached my 4 stone milestone! 

Secondly Tomato Barley Risotto from Whitworth's is horrible, don't bother with it! I was looking forward to trying something different, but this was bland, tasteless with a terrible texture. It's not often I hate a food (I love food, hence the diet) and there's nothing which can't be improved with a bit of salt and pepper, but this was disgusting. There. Rant over.

Onto this week's meal plan. Last week I bought a lot of two for one offer's so it may feel a little de ja vue

  • Left over lasagne with chips and salad
  • Ribbon vegetables with tagliatelle
  • Sausage casserole with vegetable rice
  • Pasta Bolognaise
  • Chicken and Slimming World Chips
  • Minted Lamb kebabs, mint dip and couscous
  • Garlic prawns, new potatoes, broad beans and peas

Pretty standard, normal, regular food. Doesn't seem diet like to me either, which is how I like it! Now all I need to do is put the internet grocery shop in for it and make sure my teenage son will be around to take it in and pack it away! 

Lunches will be slimming world pastry free quiche, which I managed to not make last week (Have no idea what I replaced it with!) and I will be making SW tomato soup again. I glanced over a recipe on twitter last week and gave it a go. Not sure if I got it right, but my interpretation worked for me, so will post the recipe later. Update **all posted** here

Don't forget this is a blog hop, with lots of people linking up with At Home with Mrs M. Take a look and see what everyone has planned.

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