Meal Planning Monday w/c 18th June

Was looking at the numbers of people linking up with At Home with Mrs M and they've swelled considerably since I first started over a year ago. We're all sharing a task, but coming at it from different perspectives in different ways and for all sorts of reason. I love it!

I'm doing it to help me lose weight and I've lost 2lbs this week, so it works! Well when I also combine it with willpower and Slimming World.

Onto this weeks proposed menu

  • Leftover chilli-con-carne pasta bake and vegetables
  • Slimming World macaroni cheese and salad
  • Tomato Barley Risotto and salad (it's a packet from Whitworths, worth a try though!)
  • Pastry free quiche and slimming world chips and mushy peas
  • Lasagne and salad
  • Baked potato, beans and ham
  • Homemade burger, slimming world chips and salad

I also found when I had a wander around Tesco, like you do, black garlic. It's apparently matured garlic which brings a molasses and balsamic flavour. I was thinking of putting it into a mushroom risotto. What do you think? Any suggestions?


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