1 year old

Well I may have missed the birthday by a day, but who cares? It's all relative. My blog is a year old!

I started it as a way to put some order into the chaos of my mind following the news of uterine cancer. Who knew that a year later it would be still helping me but through kidney cancer this time??

In the past year I've blogged about

Hysterectomy and subsequent all clear from that cancer

Many recipes have been written up, blogged and linked with Reluctant House Dad's Recipe Shed and Mrs M's Meal Planning Mondays.

Meal Planning Mondays has also turned into a place I celebrate/commiserate with weight loss or gain

I've lost nearly four stone and guest blogged over at Kate's Five F's Blog

I've linked up most weeks with Michelle's Mummy from the Heart Reasons to be Cheerful, and even guest hosted it once!

Discovered a tumour (which I called Ted) in my right kidney, which was removed on 14th of March

Emails from my brother have proved popular

Damaged my coccyx or what I call my #brokenbum

My daughter graduated, then moved to London for her first job

I've been happy, I've been p*ssed off, I've been all the emotions in between

My son celebrated reaching manhood, with his 18th birthday

I was at risk of redundancy and happily secured a job, which I've continued to enjoy

I've been sleepless and joined a gym!

Discovered a love (if not an aptitude) for photography, with pictures peppering posts

Visited the Eden Project for the first time and now can't keep away

Walked 13 miles for St Lukes and raised over £500

So 185 posts covering a multitude of emotions and events. I've learnt a lot about myself, shared a lot more and met some wonderful people along the way.

Wonder what the next year will hold?

Well if I've got anything to do with it weight loss will be in there, with some keep fit thrown in for good measure. I'll continue to fight cancer and sort my emotions out in writing. Celebrating my families successes and shouting from the roof tops how proud I am of them all will also feature! And I will carry on wrapping it all together with a smile, will to succeed and a positive attitude

So let's raise a glass to the next year and beating effing ted to a pulp! Who is with me?



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