Life Circle - Week 1

Life Circle

So here I am, week 1, giving Kate's Life Circle a go. Have a look here to see the background.  Am sure over the coming weeks I'll get more confident in what I am doing, writing and sharing, so apologise now if this first post feels a bit stilted. I know I need to do more things like this, more things to examine me, my life and everything around it. Knowing and doing though are two very different things!

And what is worse, I work in Talent & Development and have done for the past eight years. But I think its a bit like a builders house which always needs loads doing to it, my house needs some work too!

So onto the first task which was to look at the Wheel of Life, score myself in each major area and then blog the results.

This is how my Wheel of Life looks

A bit....I think the technical term is .......wonky!

Health - 9
May seem an odd score, after the last few months, but that's exactly why I gave it that number! Anyone who reads my blog can see I am working hard on improving my diet and fitness levels. I've lost 4 stones, successfully undertaken a 13 mile sponsored walk and joined a gym. Things are good in this area of my life!

Finance - 8
Don't get me wrong, we could always do with more of the green stuff, who can't? But we manage to do pretty much what we want to do. Okay, there are no luxury foreign holidays (actually very few holidays) and the car is over eight years old and won't be replaced for a couple more. But no-one goes hungry, no-one is cold or dirty and we get a few treats every so often. I'm happy!

Environment - 8
Now I took this to mean my home. Again, I'm happy. It's definitely not a show home and I have lost count of the number of DIY projects Mr C has on the go. A couple of the bigger ones are:
  • living room with half completed vivarium (18 months)
  • hall way with no wall under the stairs as its waiting to be put back up (over a year)
  • fitted mirrored wardrobe doors being replaced (3 months)

But its these things which make it a home! It's no point complaining about them, they'll be fixed when they can and when money allows. There are no leaks, things are reasonably clean and tidy and the house is warm. But most of all its home and I feel safe.

Friends & Family - 8
I am blessed with my family, we all get on! My brother has emigrated to New Zealand and although I don't speak to him very often, facebook is good for catching up and he is never far from my thoughts. 

My sister, my best friend, lives in Kent with her family, a good five hour drive from each other. But that's what telephone's were invented for! And I get to see my parents at least once a week, they live 10 minutes away! What more could a girl wish for?

Friends? I don't get to see them as often as I would like, but they are always there for me and visa versa.

Romance - 8
I've been married for nearly 19 years. I'm not saying all those years have been happy, but we are in a good phase at the moment! (come on ladies, you know what I mean!) Marriage needs to be worked at, it needs to be nurtured and cherished. There will always be rough patches, its how you ride through them which makes the difference.

Fun - 6 
I've gotten into a bit of a rut. I enjoy my life, I do the things I would like to do but I'm not necessarily trying new things. I don't go out to party's or evenings out like I used to, but do I really need to? I don't know, maybe something to work on.

Career - 6
I've got a job I love, with a company I love. I'm good at it, but sometimes don't feel appreciated.

I live by the adage, if you don't like it, its up to you to do something about it. Whenever a job hasn't given me what I need, I've either changed it or done everything in my power to get what I needed whether that was volunteering for extra responsibility or going for promotions! You spend too much time at work to be doing stuff you don't enjoy. I think I 'm getting nearer to the point I need to something about it.

Personal Development - 4
Now this is an area I need to work at! Last year I said I was going to join a evening class and learn to do something new. Did I? I want to learn how to use photoshop. Have I? I want to take up my CIPD again. Have I?

What's stopping me? I could say it was time, I could say it was money, but they wouldn't be the real reason. The real reason is me. I need a kick start (literally!) a something....... I've just not worked out what that something will be yet! 

And like all good things, we've come full circle and back to why I'm eager to be part of Kate's Life Circle. I want to join things up, smooth out the bumps! Only I can do that, sometimes though you need a little help from your friends, especially if they are virtual ones.


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