#Reasons to be Cheerful - Retail Therapy, Photography and Clippers

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
I'm linking up again with Michelle at Mummy From The Heart, which is a reason to be cheerful in itself! Good to feel part of the community again, get yourself over there and take a look!

My week saw me out walking the dog on Saturday with the camera. It felt like Spring could be on its way. Great to get some fresh air and enjoyed seeing things from a lens perspective, actually seeing and not just looking

Work has been great, very busy, which is the way I like it!

As you know I've joined a Slimming World group, which meet on a Monday, and this week I've lost 2lbs. Very pleased with myself. Just what I needed, a great start to the healthy eating plan.
Then over the weekend, my hair started dropping out again. I knew it was coming, it followed the same pattern as last time. The hair lost it's vitality, was losing colour and felt wiry. However as my hair was still so short, it made it look really scruffy very quickly, so think I noticed it more.

No way this time a good hair cut could buy some time!

The clippers came out last night and it's off, all gone again. Lot better than the patchy look! In fact, I don't mind it. I posted a picture on Twitter last night, which was quite brave of me. Not because I've no hair, but because I don't like to see photo's of myself. I would pop it on here, but I know my Mum sometimes reads my blog and she doesn't like to see me like that. Although 43 I'm still her little girl and I know it would be painful to see my daughter sporting the Yul Brynner look (However if she does read this, Amy, you would totally rock it!)

If you would like to take a look here's my Twitter Page

It has however given me a great excuse to go and buy more scarves. Retail Therapy!

Here's to the next week

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