Midnight Walk - Yikes!!!

This arrived in the post........sent me into a panic. "The walk is this weekend. This weekend? Saturday 21st of July. At midnight. 7 miles. 7 long and hard miles. This weekend!!??!!"

No way!!!

I planned 30 miles as Big Ben finished chiming on 1st of January

"30 miles?? No problem, a challenge, but I love a challenge, an end goal, an aim. I'm losing weight, I'm going to the gym regularly, I'm fitter than I've ever been. It will be hard, but it's doable"

But since then, a few things have changed. I'm down a kidney and a gallbladder for a start off, without the cancer diagnosis and now drugs trial side effects. I knew I needed to be realistic so downgraded to seven miles. Easy peasy, I can do that distance standing on my head....can't I?

Friends and relatives have looked concerned (I even had a tut from Mum) whenever I said I was doing it. MrC put his foot down at one point and said a downright NO! (very dangerous, he was taking his life in his hands!)

However I think he soon realised it's become more than a sponsored charity walk to me. Most things have changed and taking part is my way of doing something normal, of giving back. Plans have been put on the back burner since I was ill, time to bring at least one forward and get cracking.

So, the walk is on! 

Mentally I can do this, the main sticking point is extremely sore feet, a side effect of the drugs trial. They will hurt. A LOT. But painkillers will help.

Onto the begging bit and the point of the post, please find a couple of minutes and a couple of pounds to make the pain worthwhile and help a good cause. And it is a good cause. St Luke's Hospice care for terminally ill patients and their family. And although I'm nowhere near needing their services, you never know where life's turns will take you.

You can donate at my Just Giving Page http://www.justgiving.com/Fay-7-Miles or by text! To donate £2 text FayC50 to 70070

Painkillers will help, your support and donations more so.

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