Meal Planning Monday w/c 2nd of July

It's meal planning Monday and time to link up with At Home with Mrs M

This week though, I'm going on holiday! Doesn't happen very often, in fact not often enough! So there is no strict meal plan. We are staying in a self catering cottage in Cornwall, I do plan to stick with the slimming world principles although not as strictly as usual.

The type of meals we'll be enjoying will be quick and easy to cook, as low fat as possible and tasty. They will probably include

A stir fry

Steak and salad
Lots and lots of bacon! 

We are leaving number one son behind to look after the dog so his meals (although there is plenty of 'good' food in the freezer) will more than likely involve milk, bowl and a spoon. Typical student fare.

What's your favourite self catering holiday meal to make? And if you were left home alone what type of food would be your choice?

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