30,000 Tweets....

Please note : Before you read this I need to let you know, I've called out a few people who follow me, just a few. I love all of you, please don't be too upset if I've not included you. The post would have been just too long otherwise :)**

I've reached a milestone of 30,000 tweets, not much for some, but a big figure for me. But what does that number actually represent?

I've been on Twitter since May 2008, but it took until I got my iPhone late 2009 before I really 'got into' Twitter. Before that, it was weekend and evening's only and then only when I thought about it.

If I'm being honest, back then, I used it more to figure out
a) where my boss at the time, @Breenster was, and more importantly
b) what sort of mood he was in before I asked a question !!??

People I mainly followed were work colleagues. I used to get a bit star struck when visiting another site and realising I was sat near to the great and good of twitterati company fame. I bumped into @peewii in a hotel corridor and realised who it was from her avatar. First and probably last time we met face to face!

It was a bit of fun, a novelty piece, like looking through a window onto someone else's view of life.

It changed for me though when I was told I might have uterine cancer, the treatment of which was a total hysterectomy. I started this blog and through Twitter I 'met' and made friends with people who helped me through it. For the four or five months I was ill and not as mobile as I would have liked, Twitter was there with a supportive tweet at silly o'clock in the morning and a virtual hug on the bad days. @cleanless @grealis and @alittlebit are just a couple of tweeters who come to mind.

Through Twitter I've learnt so much. The best iPad apps to use, the greatest sites for funny pictures, amazing people to follow, great tips on reducing clutter, recipes, new foods to try, inspirational quotes (the one on my header is from @inspirationguy)

I've watched programmes like The Apprentice, Britains Got Talent and The Voice, not to mention important sporting events like England matches or tennis, and feel like a bunch of friends are in the room with me. The observations make me laugh and I feel part of something bigger.

Three years ago, although alone on New Years Eve, as MrC underwent surgery, I wasn't lonely.

@peter_agambar had faith in my son from a speculative tweet last summer to give him a job, landscaping the garden (Bless him, he started on one of the hottest's days and got sun burnt. The second day it poured down and was soaked through to his skin!)

I'm now more in touch with what is going on in my local area from the guys I now follow (and keep planning on meeting up with one day!) and more upto date with what's going on in the world in general, thanks to the people who tweet links to important events (The London Riots, Gaza, Whitney's death, who won the Apprentice to name but a few)

I joined Slimming World last year and now have a support group of SW devotee's. Who needs to go to a meeting when these wonderful people are there for me at the touch of a button? Want to know the syn value of something or need talking out of eating that chocolate bar, turn to twitter. (@BeeBeeCavendish @Anjeebaby @Vicki_Harrop @fiannah@Sulalee1 and many many others) Want to plan your meals to help keep on track? Meal Planning Mondays from @madamding has hit the spot! 

Even some of the spam bots have made me smile! Hello 'marmite bot' and the 'spelling' bot is very useful too!

When @Churchyc4 moved to London she found the easiest way to keep in touch was through Twitter! (Does that make me sad!? Hey, it works for us) It was fun and we know what sort of day each other is having.

I've been introduced through friends and friends of friends to new blogs which have made me laugh, made me think, inspired and made me cry. I've read about birth, death and everything else in between.

I talk to people from the other side of the world, people I've never met, but feel connected to. (@JaneofAustralia is just one who springs to mind!)

Reasons to be Cheerful (#R2BC) from @michelletwinmum has enabled me to share my good days and brush over and forget about the worst of the bad ones.

My #tedthetumour this year has been interesting to say the least and new twitter friends have been there for me too. @woolhatwoman @MrsBorderreiver @laurenbigeejit @LizAnne_x @PhilippaDavey @SAHDandproud @TheBoyandMe @amumonamission @TheBoyandMe @Kateab @MammyWoo to name just a few.

@dorkymum wrote a post recently called Twitter is Like If you haven't read it, please do because it sums it up beautifully. I'm lucky to have that room in my house

The last six months have been hard, the hardest I've ever had to deal with. And I won't lie to you, when I say things are still difficult. However Twitter has helped me immensely. It's entertained, informed, supported, counselled and listened. It's made me realise there are always people worse off than yourself and be thankful for what you have.

That's where 30,000 tweets have gotten and given me. They represent friends and a supporting network and here's to the next 30,000

What does Twitter give or mean to you?

** Maybe if you weren't named this time, you'll be included in the 50,000 tweet posting!


  1. Really enjoyed your blog it is tough but your doing amazingly well - keep smiling and tweeting :) xx

  2. Fay, I am truly humbled that you would choose my words for the title of this amazing and inspiring post. I'm twice delighted that you've mentioned me in it too.

    You've articulated what makes Twitter special for me and so many others too. When we need a friend to enjoy a TV programme, our Twitter pals are there with us, shouting at the telly & groaning when we cringe.

    You are an inspiring person and your glass half full approach helps us as much as you say we've helped you. It's a pleasure having you in my Twitter stream. Long may it continue!

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful words.

    - Ash

  3. Always here for you Fay, humbled to have got a mention...so very sweet of you x

  4. Philippa davey10 July 2012 at 06:17

    Love your blog, love you brothers emails and following your tweets. Your attitude and courage during really tough times is inspiring and I'm proud to be mentioned! Bring on 50k x x

  5. Through Twitter I have got to know some wonderful people. I've even met a few of them as well. @lambtonwyrm

  6. HEY !!!! cheeky but true.

    Thanks for the mention. Honoured to have been mentioned & played a part in something which has given you do much value

    Well done you & twitter community

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