cheer·ful - adjective Full of cheer; in good spirits


1. full of cheer; in good spirits: a cheerful person.
2. promoting or inducing cheer; pleasant; bright: cheerful surroundings.
3. characterized by or expressive of good spirits or cheerfulness: cheerful songs.

I was contacted by @michelletwinmum via Twitter suggesting I post and link to her brilliant blog Mummy From the Heart on a theme called Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 (Goodness, how many links can I get into once sentence!)

The purpose of the meme is to list three things which have made me cheerful this week. As my philosophy is Glass Half Full, its ideal for me.I can always find something to be thankful for.

1 This is not a cheerful from this week, but nearly four weeks ago, but I was given the all clear from cancer. I may cheat and use this for every 'Reasons to be Cheerful' post, because it still takes my breathe away every time I think about it.

2. Although I am suffering a bit with insomnia (due to the HRT), just think how much more time I have to tweet, facebook and blog?!

3. I'm getting stronger and can feel improvements every day.

There you go, short and sweet, but no less considered and worthwhile

"A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken"
Author Unknown

PS this was written and posted at 3.30am in the morning, the insomnia is playing havoc!

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  1. I think you most definately should use your 'all clear' as the start of every reasons to be cheerful post. What better reason?

    Mich x