It's the little things .......

......which make a big difference

You know, the small things someone special in your life does for you, which maybe inconsequential to anyone else, but mean the world to you. Here are my top 10 courtesy of MrC

  1. When the TV remote or my kindle needs charging, I can pass it over and know it'll be sorted
  2. Any IT queries? He's onto it, he's my very own helpline number
  3. Always available for wonderful foot rubs when the pin wielding fairies start.
  4. Organises the media centre, so all our music and films are available at the touch of button
  5. Knows what I need, before I even realise it and sorts it out
  6. Had the brilliant idea of having remote controlled sockets. So easy turning on cabinet lights now, rather than scrabbling behind, trying to find the switch.
  7. Something needs backing up/setting up? It's done, no need to worry about it
  8. Does all the research when buying new stuff, from the best washing machine to the right paint for the job
  9. Says the right things at the right time
  10. Just knows and gets me

I'm so lucky to live with my best friend, what more could a girl ask for? 

What little things do your loved ones do for you which make a big difference?

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