Photo A Day Challenge - Week 3 Round Up

Phew,  21 whole days and I'm still here, posting an image which fits the prompt set by Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim. Never thought I would stick to it..... or enjoy it quite so much.

I'm finding it's helping me focus on the photography, whether that's taking it or finding an image in my archive, and to think outside the box about the normal pictures I would take.

The images on the Facebook page. which people post to, are just inspiring and I can lose hours looking through them.I t's a closed group, but you can request to join, just search for 'FMS Photo A Day'

Here's my round up for the week.

There's a mix of staged images and quick candid shots taken with my iPhone.

I post regularly on my other blog, FayC Glass Half Full Depiction, if you'd like to see more images and descriptions to go with these prompts.

And if this inspires you to give the challenge a go, take a look at Chantelle's Blog for details. You don't have to do a full month or even a week. You can post up when you want to, there's no pressure.  quality and type of image is wide and varied, from the quick snap on the phone to something beautifully edited with Photoshop.

So if you're looking for a distraction, due to say illness or wanting to take you mind off snacking (yup, thats me!) to improve your photography skills, or just try something different, then what's stopping you from giving it a go?

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