My #MealPlanningMonday on w/c 1st of April

Meal Planning Monday

I posted yesterday my new five point plan to get me out of the doldrums, and today is my first proper weigh in at a Slimming World group. I committed to join a group, not only to get me back on track, but to eat healthier and encourage me to feel more positive (with the side effect of getting me out of the house once a week, which isn't connected to work, my Mum and Dad or Tesco. Honest, my life has come to that. It's so sad)

Although I won't be weighing in until later on Monday, it doesn't stop me planning my meals, I know the plan (just have problems sticking to it at the moment....) 

I've been doing batch cooking at weekends to help me stay on track. It helps as I'm tired in the evenings and can't then make excuses about not cooking. This weekend I've made two huge cottage pies, with plenty of vegetables and lentils and a potato and swede mash for the topping. I've also got the makings of a bolognaise type sauce, which can be portioned and frozen for use with pasta, baked potato or in a lasagne. I've also got a butternut squash to roast, which will make a lovely filling soup. It freezes really well too, so should see me sorted. You'll be seeing these on future menu's I'm sure and am hoping to keep you updated with my steady weight-loss too.

Onto this week's menu, in no particular order

Lasagne and tomato salad
Stuffed baked potato with smoked haddock and leeks, and a green salad.
Cottage pie with green beans
Butternut squash soup
Slow cooker chicken casserole with rice
Roast pork and trimmings

The roast pork will be Slimming World style, which means all the fat is trimmed off before cooking. I like to put seasoned potatoes, parsnip and carrots in a roasting dish which is half filled with stock before the meat is put on the top and covered with foil before roasting. For the last 45 minutes, take the foil off to brown the meat and vegetables. Any stock left in the pan will make a lovely tasty gravy, and it's served with plenty of green vegetables. Doesn't feel like diet food one little bit! 

Well there you go. Enjoy your week, and don't forget to check out other menu's over at Mrs M's 


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  2. Great meal plan!!
    I'm liking the sound of the Stuffed baked potatos....Yum!!

  3. I do SW, and its fab.
    Batch cooking is the way forward, and leftovers for lunch the day after#
    Good luck x

  4. What's the egg, pepper and chips bake. Sounds like good easy weekend cooking.

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