Desk Clearing Dilemna's

Today is all about decisions.
The type of decisions which are up there with which house or car to buy or where to go for your honeymoon.
Today I'm clearing my desk after 16 odd years and deciding what comes home with me. It's hard
It's a given Red, the Chief Values Officer comes home, but does the stuffed Fish! From Throw Your Fish make the journey?
The lovely mouse from Kim in the office makes the cut and so does lego Harrison Ford, but how about the random lego which I play with on conference calls?
Am sure a few post it notes will sneak in, the same with the cellotape, but what about the Project 2000 Bible and chillie plant I've been nurturing since February?

Anyone remember the Business Dreams initiative? Should I take this memento with me or leave it for later generations to admire and wonder?
Mind you, I've found 3 pairs of shoes, two handbags and from memory, a very expensive red leather 'executive' laptop case I bought one year from my bonus, lurking under the desk, long forgotten.
Also long forgotten was the two tins of beans, one of soup, green tea and box of Ready Brek, well past use by dates and there for emergencies. Think they'll find their way into the bin.
But it is hard, there's so many memories built up in what should be inanimate objects.
So if you were clearing out your desk, what objects would you keep, and why?

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