Meal Planning Monday w/c 14th January #mealplanningmonday

I meant to start posting my meal planning last week, but I let a silly thing like blogger not uploading photo's stop me. But today I'm determined, driven on by the fact I lost 7lb's last week, all because I was mindful and planned.

(Don't forget to check out At Home with Mrs M who host's this linky to see lots of different menu's to inspire)

Onto my menu though, very Slimming World friendly. I'm aiming for at least a pound lost this week!

Beef Stew and dumplings (6 Syns)
Lasagne and salad
Mince and onions (plus loads of vegetables), cauliflower cheese and sprouts (2 syns)
Lentil curry
KFC type chicken, chips and salad
Vegetable curry and rice
Baked potato and beans

The KFC style chicken is a new recipe for me. You skin the chicken, dunk in egg then coat with instant mash which has been well seasoned and flavoured (I'm going to use garlic and praprika as I don't know the secret recipe) It's then browned in a pan before roasting. Will let you know how it turns out!

I've discovered I prefer a large breakfast. If I go with just cereal I'm starving my 11am and then can't satisfy my hunger for the rest of the day. Breakfasts will be a combination of eggs, beans and bread, whatever combination I fancy. Can do a lot with just three ingredients (beans or eggs on toast, omlette with or without beans, scrambled eggs with or without beans or get the picture)

As usual lunches will be leftovers from the night before or a large chicken salad with rice or noodles. Snacks are fruit during the day and a fat free yogurt in the evenings. I've also enjoyed every evening an options hot chocolate. At just 2 syns it helps with the sweet cravings.

Check back next week and see if I've lost any weight, fingers crossed

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