#R2BC Reasons to be Cheerful

What a busy week, so much going on for me too at the moment. Still waiting to hear if I was successful in securing my job as the department is undergoing a restructure. Have been assured we'll be told on Friday now, so fingers crossed this will be a reason next week!

So when things are stressful, its even more important to think back and review your week and see what has been going well for you. So once again, thank you to Michelle at Mummy From The Heart for keeping me on track and being positive!

1 - Stayed with my diet and lost 2 lb last week! Considering I was away for three nights for work, that is amazing. Also proof that I am able to make the right decisions when away from home. So pleased with myself. I weigh in on Friday's so who knows, how much I have lost tomorrow.

2- Got to spend some lovely time with my Nan. I feel so honoured to get to my age and still have my grandmother with me. So every moment, is precious

3- And now the big one! I managed to complete my 13 mile midnight walk last Saturday. Again, very proud of myself and the fact it raised over £500. You can read about it over on my blog! 'We Did it!' I didn't ache following it (just from my *broken bum which had nothing to do with the walk!) and think I might do 26 miles next year! This is what I remember the most (apart from the actual finish line)

Well needed sight when you are desperate!

So, these are some of my high points from this week, don't forget to take a look over at Michelle's blog to take a look some others.

*I think I have broken my bum, following a fall in the bath last week! In other words a possible broken coccyx! Very sore, but what can you do? Life goes on!


  1. Great achievement with the walk and the money raised. Hope things go ok for you at work too.

  2. Well done you! What a brilliant achievement. Hope you got to treat yourself to a bath. Good luck with work.

  3. Was about to say a fantastic week and then saw that last line - ouucchh! Hope it is just a bruise or soemthing.

    Good luck with the job news tomorrow.

    Mich x

  4. Well done on the weight loss and huge congratulations on the Midnight Walk achievement. Lady, you are an inspiration!
    Good Luck on the job front

  5. Wow what a busy week, well done with the diet and walk and hope your bum is feeling better. I too think its great to have a grandma still and they lovespending time with their great grandchildren!

  6. Well done on the walk & the weight loss! Hope the bum gets better v soon!