Meal Planning Monday w/c 11th of July

Here we are again! Last week's meal planner worked really well! I went into a lot of detail because it was my first week back at work, but also because I'd had a break from Slimming World and needed to get back onto the metaphoric horse.

I am pleased to say I lost 5 lbs, so result!

I did change a couple of the meals around, but the main difference was instead of chicken I cooked a gammon joint in the slow cooker as recommended by @reluctanthousedad from

Take a look here for the original post ,it was so easy and tasty! Having the left overs tonight!

I am now back in Slimming World mind set, so am more relaxed about lunches and breakfasts! Won't include this week, unless anyone missed them!

So this week I have planned the following:-

Creamy Gammon and Artichokes Tagliatelle
Egg & Watercress Salad with Slimming World Chips
Carrot Soup and bread (I won't be having this as I'm away for work this night)
Beef, Onion and Tomato Slow Cooker casserole with couscous
Chicken Stir Fry and Egg Fried Rice
Minced Beef Hash ( will blog this one, as its lovely!)
Minted Mince Beef with Vegetable Couscous (new recipe for me, will blog it if it works out!)

Am also going to be making Scan Bran Scotch Eggs for packed lunches (as I'm back at work) plus Scan Bran Banana Cake which is lovely and filling, but great for cake cravings.

Don't forget to take a look at other meal planners for inspiration at the wonderful At Home With Mrs M

Wish me luck for this weeks weight loss, Friday's are weigh in day!


  1. Ooooh, that all sounds scrummy - especially loving the idea of the ham and artichoke tagliatelle!


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