Meal Planning Monday - trying to empathise with my sister

I know, I've not been blogging much, or meal planning for that matter, but I can assure you I've got a good reason. I'll save that for another post though.

Been inspired to post this week in support of my sister. She's been advised, to help with her cancer treatment, to cut out, wheat, dairy and sugar. I know! What on earth is she eating?!? (Today it seems to be a lot of tomatoes!) 

But on a serious note, it's hoped by not feeding the cancer, it'll slow the growth down. 

She's doing really well, and I was surprised when we started to think about it, how much you could actually have. Admittedly it's all got to be cooked from scratch, and for someone who doesn't cook, she must be daunted by it.

And then I thought, it wouldn't hurt to give it a go myself. Here's this week all Slimming World friendly, planned out

Risotto, scallops and mixed vegetables
Chicken, new potato and vegetables
Baked potato and mixed bean chilli 
Moroccan rice and chickpeas
Sausage casserole with vegetable rice
Wedges and bean chilli
Grilled chicken, mushrooms and tomato

Breakfast will be porridge, made with water (which I weirdly enjoy) with blueberries and lunch is slimming world super speed vegetable soup. Apples and bananas for snacks, herbal tea and water to drink. Sorted!

Now all I need to do is not to crack and give in, it's only a week......

For more meal planning inspiration (which I'm sure will include, wheat, dairy and sugar) check out Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday (

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