Leap to Normal

I am another step (maybe a big fat leap) to getting back to normal (whatever that looks like)

I'm back to work.

And it feels like I've never been away .

Okay, so there are faces I've never seen before, other faces who've moved on to pastures new, some faces with new roles and responsibilities. But all of them have had smiles and who doesn't like to see that.

I've been hugged and kissed, caught up on gossip, peeped to see under the scarf and gently teased.

I've laughed.

And no tears.

That means a lot to me because for a while I couldn't see a time without them.

Things have changed, things have stayed the same. It feels normal and special rolled into one.

I work for a simple brilliant company filled with amazing people who make that company what it is.

I love who I work for, I love my job and I love all the people who've helped me over the last couple of days make that leap to normal

Thank you

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