Confessionals and Quotes

'You never fail, unless you stop trying'

Albert Einstein

Well old friend, old blog of mine, I'm back. I'm back on the weight loss thing which has been something I've fought with for a very long time. This feels a little bit like a confessional. 'Please forgive me for I have synned (pun intended) It has been 18 months since my last post and proper week at Slimming World'

Eeek, it's out there now. I thought I could go it alone, but I don't like it. I like having people around to bounce ideas of. I like learning new things, trying things out, making new friends.

I've rejoined, new group, new consultant, new weigh in day. New me? Probably not. I know my weaknesses, just got to learn to embrace my strengths and carry on.

So onto one of my strengths, I love a good meal planner! Although weighins are now a Wednesday (at my place of work so no excuse for not attending) meal planning will run Saturday to Friday to help with 'big shop day.' I've gone the whole hog this week and planned every meal. My first weigh is this week and I know if I can get through the first couple of weeks, I will be on fire. I need some losses to keep me motivated.

The Plan
I like to keep the food bill as low as possible. At the moment I aim for the whole week to be about £40 for two of us. I am still however cooking huge portions, I can't get out of Mum mode even though the kids have left home. So, I will either repurpose a meal (bolognaise sauce one night, the next with extra veggies will make a cottage pie), dish up 4 plates and have the same meal the next evening, warmed up in the microwave or freeze to use again the following week. Saves time and money.

Breakfast - Loaded Bacon Sandwich
Lunch - Ham, tomatoes and cucumber
Dinner - Homemade burgers with SW coleslaw and salad

Breakfast - Omelette with beans and spinach
Lunch - cold meat and pickled onions
Dinner - Roasted chicken, with roasted potatoes, carrots, cabbage, brussels and green beans

Breakfast - Beans on toast
Lunch - Chicken salad
Dinner - Roast chicken dinner as above

Breakfast - SW Fry up
Lunch - Loaded chicken sandwich
Dinner - Vegetable bolognaise, with pasta

Breakfast - Egg on toast
Lunch - Egg salad
Dinner - Spicy vegetable chili and rice and spinach

Breakfast - SW Fry up
Lunch - left over chili and rice
Dinner - Baked potato, beans, ham and spinach

Breakfast - bacon sandwich
Lunch - leftover baked potato and beans
Dinner - Fish risotto, with any vegetables left in the fridge

Here's to the week and a loss!

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