Be on Plan, When You can

Yes! 4.5 lbs lost this week and on weigh in day felt on top of the world and very pleased with myself.

Got home and made the mistake of thinking about the next 7 days. It's going to be hard as we have my Nan's funeral on Tuesday. I want so much to be in control of my eating, however I need to be a bit kinder to myself and chill out about it. It's going to be emotional and I need to roll with that.

'Be on plan,  when you can'
Rachel Davies (SW Consultant)

Because I am away for 2 nights and 3 days, I have planned up to Wednesday and will hit the supermarket again when we are back. Not so detailed planner either, as I am on holiday so don't need to work out lunches in advance.

Meatza and coleslaw (Cheese as HEA and 1 syn for the coleslaw

Full English SW style
Paprika Pork

Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
Gammon, egg and chips for lunch before we travel up

Tuesday and Wednesday we are away but will try and choose wisely! 

Not much of plan there really now I have seen it written down! But onwards and upwards

Will leave you with some of the meals I cooked this week.

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