All Clear With Pin Wielding Fairies......

18 Month All Clear

Fabulous words to hear at my appointment today! Great news, I'm very happy. It even helped when I went to Slimming World weigh in and I'd put on five pounds. Just didn't care, didn't give a flying f*ck. The good news today was, I've had the all clear. Again.

It's not without some reservations.

I'm part of the Sorce Drug Trial (click link for details. In my eyes it's a wonder drug!) which means I get regular check ups and looked after really, really well. I've actually been told to stop taking the drug for a couple of weeks, due to concerns with magnesium and potassium levels (aren't they the two elements which in Chemistry lessons we'd set fire to with glee and bright flames??? No idea what they're needed for in the human body, hope I won't be going up in flames anytime soon....)

But also because of damage in my feet. My toes and balls of my feet are numb, they don't feel like they belong to me. And you'd think being numb, you'd feel no pain and be able to wear those killer heels with no problems. Wrong! Heels are killers, but not in a good way.

And although numb, they hurt as well. It's hard to explain, but imagine the start of pins and needles, combined with frozen toes. And remember how it felt to come inside from throwing snow balls and your hands start to thaw out? They smart a bit as they warm through. It's that. But add onto that  breathe taking cramps. You know the ones, which make you sound like a plumber giving you a quote "Shffffff, that's going to cost you ....'  All of that on bits of your body which don't feel like they belong to you when touched to actually check they aren't on fire, frozen in ice and/or with tiny fairies sticking pins in them.

Did I mention a 'favourite' time for this is 4 in the morning? You getting the picture?

Well, that's my tootsies. Most of the time.

Regularly I walk out of my shoes without realising it. Not so bad in the middle of the hallway. Not recommended in the middle of the High Street.  And it's very annoying climbing into the shower still wearing the socks I couldn't feel! Not a great look

Also had to explain to my Danish Doctor what ' No shit Sherlock' meant when he said I may have some damage, which caused a few giggles. 

Back in two weeks, more blood tests and decisions as to wether the damage is permanent or not and if I can carry on with the drug.

However, that's ok. I got the all clear and that's what matters.

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