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I recently wrote a blog about not checking out the internet, but sometimes, well actually most of the time, I'm ok with it. I'm a sensible and practical person and if I want to find out how to do something, I'm straight on there.

Some of my favourites are Internet Movie Data Base and Wikipedia. Recently however my searches have become unsurprisingly more medical by nature.

I stumbled across The Hysterectomy Association

The sensitivity of the subject is obvious but the pages have a sense of humour which appeals to me. I follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their daily newsletter. This gave me brilliant tips like

- Wear big knickers after the operation (thongs are out ladies)
- Ask your consultant for a blood test to check your hormone levels which will help afterwards when you go through the menopause.
- Laughter is the best medicine, but invest in a pillow to hold against your scar site to help minimise the pain.

So I went on to buy the book 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy. Well it arrived on Friday (just in time as the operation is Tuesday, I've not had much time to prepare) and settled down for a good read with pen handy to mark the most useful hints.

Before I go on, I have to say I can recommend the book, it is brilliant and packed full of tips which will make life easier.

But I wasn't prepared to laugh quite so much at a couple of the hints, that just aren't for me! Like I said I am a practical person, so I respond to practical tips.

Some were homeopathic (I can't see how diluting a substance to nothing would work) one was about writing a poem to your womb (WTF!?) but the best was burning your tampons and disposing of your contraceptives.

It was suggesting we can be as creative as we wanted about getting rid of the paraphernalia no longer needed. 'Why not have a barbecue and invite girlfriends and use the tampons to light it! Or use your diaphragm as a frisbee in the garden and blowup left over condoms to use as balloons for decorations?'

There was even a link to a website on how to make angels out of tampons with the recommendation 'to soak and dry them first!' (do a search for tampon crafts, it was an eye opener!)

I had a laugh, but these tips aren't for me.

Like most things on the internet and in life in general, you've got to take things with a pinch of salt, ignore the items you don't agree with and try the ones which appeal to you. It's about getting a healthy balance.

Mind you was worth it for the giggle factor alone!

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