Meal Planning Monday w/c 21st of January

(forgive me for still using the old image, blogger is being an arse and won't let me upload new images!)

It's a snowy Monday for a lot of people today and its times like this which remind me why I like meal planning. If I can't get out of the house for any reason I know we can all get fed! (and for how many days, in my case about 10 days if my freezer is anything to go by)

I lost a pound last week, which I'm pleased with, as I've worked out I need to go for a pound a week (I wrote about it here) So let's go for another one this week, with the following meal plan

Roast Pork, cornish roasted potato, parsnip, carrot and swede
Left over pork casserole with pasta and vegetables
Stir fry with noodles
Sweet potatoe curry and rice
Stuffed baked peppers, wedges and salad
Baked potato with beans and ham
Homemade burgers, salsa and SW chips

Looking at that, all Syn free meals, which leave me plenty to play around with for lunches and breakfast. Still going with a combination of eggs and beans for breakfast, as I like a large breakfast. Have just discovered Mug Shots which have some Syn free flavours, ideal for quick fill ups on cold days. There are also on offer at Tesco, 5 for £3 so that's lunch sorted.

What have you got planned? Check out At Home with Mrs M for other plans and link up your too!

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